Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Helppppp .........

...... as some of you know, my daughter (aka Mrs Nomad) is in Florida on holiday at the moment.  Now I have somehow conned persuaded her that there is nothing she would like more than to go shopping for me.  Fabric shopping, that is.  The thing is, I'm no good at geography (failed it 3 times at O level at school!) so I know she's in Kissimee, but I don't know what quilt shops there are that are fairly near her.  Is there any one out there who could tell me where to tell her to go?


  1. Sue she is very close to Orlando, FL and might have better luck in that area....good luck!!

  2. I just did a google search and came up with these:


    Third one is in Orlando. Hope that helps, :) Can't recommend any of them, never been, but the sites all look ok.

  3. When my mum went to Florida she said that you could pick up maps showing you where all the quilt shops in the state were. See if your daughter can find one. Mum said that they were in the equivalent of the tourist information booths.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Whenever I go to any town I Google it eg. Kissimee florida quilt shops and presto a list of quilt shops. There are three listed in Kissimee! Happy shopping..one has an online shop so you will get an idea of what to order!! Enjoy!

  5. I'm not familiar with that part of the state, but I saw that Trudi sent you some links. I think Queen Ann's Lace was featured in of the American Patchwork & Quilting Samplers a few years ago, and it looked like a nice shop. Hope she's able to find a place and bring you back some treasures.

  6. She is only a couple of hours from me but I've never been shopping there for fabric. I can't wait to see what you get though! ;)


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