Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ready .............

I'm going to try and Move Mr BossyBoots Linky every time I write a new post today. Keep your fingers crossed that it works OK.
Decision made ......................

All that's left of a jelly roll ....................

All nice and neatly cut and ready to go ...............

I should also add that I have got a few fun (well I think, anyway) things planned for later.  I'm just trying to give those of you who's time is behind British Summer Time a chance to get stuck in first.


  1. Can I join in with my Christmas UFO? haha!

  2. Looking good. I gathered all of my lace scraps together yesterday and washed them so now they are waiting for me to have an infusion of coffee!

  3. Hi Sue-can't wait to see what you are making; sure is lovely fabrics.
    I'm up and going as the kids want to go out today!! Grooooan!!!

    Speak soon, Shazy x

  4. Okay I'm in! I have binding to finish on my Christmas quilt so I will stitch along with you - Thanks Sue for a great organisation with Mr Linky - Hugs Nat

  5. I'm going too. I'm doing a little Christmas tree wall hanging first to get in the mood.

  6. Saw this over on Gina's blog and decided to join in. Not quite sure what I am going to work on yet as I only just decided to join in! lol
    I, too, might have to work on something small to get myself in the holiday spirit!!

  7. I just stopped for lunch (late hehe) and have been surfing the other bloggers taking part. Time for a quick update, then back at it! Thanks for the big push Sue!

  8. Look at you, doing the whole linky thing, and inspiring people to quilt! I can't wait to see your progress. I feel like I should say Merry Christmas!


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