Saturday, 14 August 2010

Night Night .................

.......... everybody. It's now almost 9.30 in the evening for me and so I'm stopping for tonight. It's amazing how tiring having fun can be! I will be back in the morning and will show you then what I've been working on. I'll also post the winner of the quiz and of two other prizes. I think I've tamed the random number generator thingy now, so I'll be using that, since my other helpers are now on holiday. Kids, eh, they're never around when you need them.. It would be great if you could all post a picture of what you've been working on before you finish for the day, then we can all go round to every one and have a look.

I do hope you've enjoyed yourselves today, and will be back next month.


  1. Thanks Sue, really enjoyed the day.
    Promise to start during the week.
    I've not had the time today. :-)
    I've been on here to much so going.
    Night everyone x x x

  2. Thanks Sue,
    Didn't get back with the kids about today, but will show more progress hopefully Monday,

    Until then,
    Blessings, Shazy x

  3. Thanks Sue, I'm pertty pooped too :) I've ground to a halt! It's been a blast, I'll post my progress and YOu Bet I'll be back next month!

  4. There is alot of enjoyment in getting in the sewing room with no distractions.....

    Want to see pictures????

  5. Thanks for the day Sue, I tackled and finished that heirloom tablerunner I was dreading! Wouldn't have done it without your Quilt-a-long.

  6. Good thing I joined in the fun because I have met Elizabeth through this. Thanks Sue and hope you have a good night - Hugs Nat

  7. Wow, Sue, you had a long day. You did a great job in keeping today fun. I'm going to check out what everyone else has done.

  8. What a fun sew day! I'm sorry i had to miss it! ;-)

  9. What a brilliant day - Well Done to you for organising it all.

    As feared, I didn't get anywhere near fabric today but I am very impressed with what everyone else has achieved.


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