Monday, 9 August 2010

It's nearly Christmas ...............

...... well OK, it isn't actually, but, I wanted to share this with you in plenty of time.

Last year SewCalGal organised a virtual quilt show, which was great fun, with loads of gorgeous Christmas themed quilts for us to look at, and loads of prizes too for entrants and viewers.  I entered a quilt and in the unlikely event that you've forgotten it, you can see my entry again here

Anyway, this isn't about me (for once) and my entry, it's about the fact that SewCalGal never learns, so she is planning another show for this Christmas.  The good news for us is that anyone who takes part in the Christmas Quiltalong will get an additional entry into the prize contests.  So come on everyone, lets all get cracking on our Christmas quilts so we can show them off to the whole bloggy world in a show where our quilts won't be juried or judged, just appreciated by like-minded people, and where we might win great prizes too.


  1. I saw your last year Christmas quilt you entered ! Thats so pretty ! Somehow I missed it last year but I am going to try to in it this year!! Thanks for sharing Sue!!

  2. Wahooo!! Got to love that!! Got my Christmas project all ready to my darn Christmas fabric!! It keeps disappearing on me!! Maybe I need to clean up my sewing room...AGAIN!!
    Thanks for doing this!!

  3. Should I hope it rains hard this weekend? That is the only chance I am likely to get to sew . . . I even know exactly what I want to do if this weekend if I get to participate :}

  4. I do want to enter this year! Have to get started soon :)


  5. Ho! Ho! Ho! I love Christmas. And have several Christmas projects in my plans for this year. But I truly enjoyed the 2009 Christmas Quilt Show and am definitely planning on hosting it again in 2010. I hope all of your participating in these fun Christmas Quilt-a-longs will enter your finished Christmas projects in the 2010 Christmas quilt show. They'll be oodles of prizes. And I'll work with Sue to coordinate special entry points (or maybe special prizes) for this group.

    Keep up the great work. You are great little Santa Elves! And the more the merrier!


  6. Thanks for the explination!! I've been wondering what all of the "Christmas" chatter from you has been about...thought you were off of your rocker!! lol!! Can't wait to see the new show!

  7. That's interesting. I would love to have something to enter, and by participating in your Christmas qal, maybe I will.


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